Cosmetic Surgery Procedure for Lip Fillers in Sydney

The ageing lip thins and lengthens and can hang over the upper teeth. This look is intensified when the corners of the mouth turn down. Rejuvenating the lip by injecting Dermal Fillers increases definition and volume.

In the youthful lip, the height between the nose and the upper border of the lip is small and there is a volume difference between the upper lip and the lower lip. The Cupid's bow is well defined.


UnderThin lips
Loss of definition
Down-turned mouth


Dermal Filler injections
In-practice procedure
Local anaesthetic


The results are instant
Last up to 12 months
Fuller lips


Assess lip – border and volume
Position of mouth corners
Surrounding structures

Customised Planning

Augment lips
Define the lip border


Well-defined, youthful lips
Improved self confidence

Lip Augmentation Video Gallery

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