Sagging thighs are best treated with a thigh lift to remove excess skin due to ageing, post pregnancy and massive weight loss. The skin and soft tissues sag and have a floppy, wobbly and aged appearance.

The area of the body that extends from the breasts to the knees is considered as a single aesthetic unit. For very significant circumferential laxity a thigh buttock lift combined with a medial thigh skin suspension thigh lift is a good option.

Your Concerns

Excessive cellulite
Inner thigh excess skin
Droopy, flabby buttocks

My Recommendations

Thigh and buttock lift
Medial thigh lift

Maximum Results

Improvement in thigh/ buttock area
Greater confidence


Assess skin laxity and fat deposits
Assess cellulite

Customised Plan

Medial thigh lift
Lateral thigh and buttock
Abdominoplasty with Vaser lipo

The Benefits

Firmer thighs and buttocks
Great confidence

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