Breast augmentation using breast implants is a very popular procedure worldwide. Current breast implants have been engineered with patient safety top of mind.

A recent study in the UK found Motiva silicone breast implants had very low rates of complication and reoperation. Motiva Implants are next generation breast implants with state-of-the-art shell design for a strong, durable implant and form-stable filling gel for optimal shape, retention and feel.


Breasts are too small
Breasts are disproportionate
Loss of volume in breasts


Breast implants
Silicone implants
Choice of implant shapes


Desired shape and size
Improved confidence


Assess desired breast size
Analyse skin and breast tissue
Assess asymmetry

Customised Planning

3D modeling to choose the right size
Round or tear drop shape
Breast lift recommended if drooping


Improved breast shape
Look and feel great
Improved self-confidence

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