A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, helps lift and shape droopy breasts which occur after pregnancy and as a part of normal ageing.

In breast reduction surgery the excess breast tissue is removed. However, in a breast lift there is minimal excess of tissue but rather the tissue is unevenly distributed. The tissue needs to be rearranged with minimal excision to provide an aesthetically pleasing breast. At times, a breast lift alone may not achieve an aesthetically pleasing breast. In such cases combining  breast implants or augmentation  with a breast lift to achieve upper breast volume.


Stretched skin
Droopy breasts
Downturned nipples


Rearrange breast tissue
Reduce droopy breasts
Elevate the nipple


Perky, uplifted breast
Shapely breasts and defined cleavage


Assess breast dimensions
Discuss surgical options for breast lift

Customised Planning

Minimal scar technique
Support bra for 6-12 weeks


Improved breast shape
Normal nipple position 

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