The tear trough is a well-defined anatomical structure located below the lower eyelid and is distinct from the lid cheek junction. The tear trough extends outwards from the medial canthal measurement and stops at the midpupillary line. Deepening of the tear trough with age results in visible deep under eye hollows. 

This is due to three main reasons including bulging of the fat above the tear trough, descent of fat inferior to the tear trough and bone resorption. If you want to learn more about treatment options, visit Dr Naveen Somia in either Bondi Junction or Bella Vista. There you can see what recommendations he has for you on how to treat under eye hollows.


Deep hollow under lower eyelid
Tired, stressed skin


Dermal fillers


Correction of under eye hollows
Smooth contour


Analyse tear trough
Assess lower eyelid and midface

Customised Planning

45 minute in-room procedure
Lower eyelid surgery if necessary


Youthful rejuvenation

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