Scarring is a natural part of surgical healing. Scar revision surgery involves excising the scar. Once the wound has healed, topical application of silicone is applied and staying out of the sun for 3-6 months is recommended.

Keloid scar is a large scar that is larger than the original wound. Once Keloids is diagnosed, immediate treatment is mandatory if a good aesthetic result is to be attained.


Unsightly scar
Red, raised, itchy scar
Unaesthetic facial structure


Surgery for scars more than a year old
Pressure therapy, steroid injections
Collagen augmentation


Improvement of scar
Improvement of function
Improve self esteem


Scar assessment
Assess risk factors
Photographic analysis

Customised Planning

Surgical or non-surgical option
Collagen induction by Dermaroller


Improved Scar
Enhanced well being

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