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The shape, projection and dimensions of the chin are a critical part of facial aesthetics. A ‘good’ chin balances the face and enhances facial attractiveness.

Chin augmentation can be done as a stand alone procedure or as a complement to facelift, necklift and rhinoplasty to enhance the overall appearance.

Your Symptoms

  • Lack of chin prominence
  • The facial height is reduced
  • Lip aesthetics may be affected

My Recommendations

Chin augmentation using either a chin implant or a soft tissue augmentation of the chin using Dermal Fillers

Maximum Results

  • Good chin projection
  • Restore facial height and balance
  • Improve facial attractiveness



  • Facial assessment
  • Assessment of lip projection

Customised Plan

  • Chin implant surgery
  • Dermal Fillers

The Benefits

  • Improve projection and aesthetics of chin resulting in better facial shape