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6 steps to Fight Facial Ageing - Non Surgical

20 Nov

We all experience facial ageing regardless of who we are for the following reasons:   environment, genetics, bony changes and loss of volume which result in loose and excess skin.   What can we do without going under the knife?   In this blog we will discuss 6 non surgical anti ageing options.


1. Diet

It may seem obvious and here is why.   In order for the skin to look the best for its age we must feed it the best food we possibly can.   It is also just as much about what goes in as what doesn't go in.   A diet rich in fruit, fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds is essential.    Sugar, the secret enemy of the skin should be limited.   Sugar in combination with salt, smoking and the sun pose a large threat to how your skin looks and feels.


2. Exercise and Hydration

Exercise increases blood flow and carries oxygen and nutrients to your cells and your skin loves water! 


3. Basic Skin Care

Looking the best for your age starts at home.   The basics for any home skin care regime include sunscreen, cleanser and moisturiser.  Once you have mastered the basics you can move onto more targeted treatments for the specific areas that concern you most.


4. Medical Grade Skin Care

Medical grade care is usually available only in clinics.    It has a higher level of active ingredient to address your skin care concerns.     Its always good to start with the A, B, C's.   Vitamin A boosts cell renewal to give you glowing skin, Vitamin B is a good all rounder that assists skin immunity and Vitamin C encourages collagen production and skin brightening.                     


5. Injectables


Anti-wrinkle injections lasts for 3 month and paralyse the muscle causing the wrinkle.  The most common areas treated are the forehead and crows feet although anti-wrinkle injections can be used in other areas of the face and neck depending on your concern.


Dermal fillers are an injectable gel that smooths the skins surface, restores lost volume and rebuilds facial contours.  Fillers last 12-18 months and common areas are the under eye, lips and cheeks.


6.    Skin Needling and Platelet Rich Plasma

Skin needling increases production of collagen and elastin in the skin with a tiny roller.  It is used in scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, pigmentation and skin laxity.


Platelet rich plasma or vampire face lift uses your own blood to increase collagen production in the skin by stimulating dermal fibroblasts.


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Dr Naveen Somia MBBS, PhD, FRACS

Written by Dr Naveen Somia MBBS, PhD, FRACS

Dr. Naveen Somia is a Sydney Plastic Surgeon who listens to his patients, understands their problems and works alongside them to help achieve their aesthetic goals by applying his skills and years of experience in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. A published author on Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Naveen’s blog is aimed at helping you make the right choices and stay safe in your quest to look your personal best.