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Will A Breast Reduction Lift My Breasts?

25 Feb

Patients who seek breast reduction surgery frequently ask if a breast lift is associated with the result. This is a very common question and it is important that this is addressed before surgery.

Breast reduction usually improves the size and shape of your breasts. To achieve the outcome you truly desire, it is important to discuss your priorities with your plastic surgeon during your consultation. For example, which of the following it your priority to achieve?

  1. A smaller breast
  2. A fuller breast
  3. A firm and perky breast
  4. All of the above

Breast reduction surgery reduces the amount of breast tissue and therefore your breast will be smaller in size and fuller in shape. The amount of fullness depends on the technique used.

If the breast reduction is performed using methods that rely on tightening the skin to produce and maintain fuller breasts, it may fail over time. Gravity and skin stretch and therefore produce what it known as a ‘bottoming out’ effect. This means that is there is too much fullness under the nipple relative to the fullness above.

If the surgery involves the superior ‘supero’ medial technique (a newer and more advanced technique of breast reduction developed by Canadian Plastic Surgeon Dr Elizabeth Hall Findlay) then it involves shaping the breast tissue internally after removing excess tissue. The result is a breast that maintains its shape and does not bottom out as with some other techniques.

If fuller breasts are your No 1 priority then it is important that you mention this to your plastic surgeon during your consultation; this will help in the planning of your operation.

If you do not have enough volume in your breasts to achieve the desired effect, then your plastic surgeon will consider also performing a Breast lift. If upper pole fullness is desired sometimes an implant may help. This may sound ironic but it works well.

Breast fullness is determined by many factors; age, tightness of the breast skin, the proportion of glandular tissue, and fatty tissue in the breast. Age is an important determinant as firmness is a feature of a young breast. Breast changes during pregnancy and lactation will change the composition of the breast and will influence features such as firmness and fullness.

Breast reduction can result in a significant change to your physical appearance. Most women become comfortable with their smaller breasts very quickly and are pleased with the results. The level of patient satisfaction following breast reduction is among the highest of any plastic surgery procedure.

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Dr Naveen Somia MBBS, PhD, FRACS

Written by Dr Naveen Somia MBBS, PhD, FRACS

Dr. Naveen Somia is a Sydney Plastic Surgeon who listens to his patients, understands their problems and works alongside them to help achieve their aesthetic goals by applying his skills and years of experience in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. A published author on Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Naveen’s blog is aimed at helping you make the right choices and stay safe in your quest to look your personal best.