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I have one droopy eyelid. Should I fix one or both?

29 Mar

Eyelid Ptosis or droopy eyelid is a medical condition that restricts vision and can result in a tired or half asleep look. As we get older, the muscle and connective tissue sling that lifts and opens the upper eyelid becomes overstretched and loses its elasticity similar to an overstretched rubber band. As a result the muscle is unable to maintain the normal eyelid position and the eyelid droops. Even if one eyelid is droopy, both are fixed for symmetry. In this blog, I’ll discuss how you can fix a droopy eyelid and feel more confident.


Droopy eyelids can coexist with

  1. Heavy and droopy eyebrow
  2. Dermatochalasis (excess skin of the upper eyelids) or
  3. Heavy and bulging upper eyelid fat.

It is not uncommon to see all three features in the same patient.


What causes a droopy eyelid?

  • Congenital: Some people are born with this condition
  • Hard contact lens use
  • Traumatic injury to the eyelid
  • A very large lump on the eyelid which can weigh the eyelid down
  • Botox: If injected too close or into the eyelid
  • Long standing eye and contact lens allergies
  • Neuromuscular diseases: Such as myasthenia gravis
  • Certain types of brain tumours


Correction options

Eyelid ptosis is best repaired surgically. Mostly the approach is external (levator repair) and in some cases an internal approach (muellerectomy) is used. The choice of approach depends on:

  • Your specific problem and specific anatomical cause
  • The degree of the ptosis (mild, moderate or severe)
  • The need for simultaneous upper eyelid skin removal

Eyelid ptosis surgery may be combined with blepharoplasty surgery to treat excess skin and bulging fat that hangs over the eyelid. This combined approach is effective in rejuvenating the eyelid.


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If the droopy eyelid coexists with a sagging brow then a brow lift will help. Typically a brow lift improves the hooding of the skin that hangs over the corner of the upper eyelid or the heavy brow that hangs over the bony prominence on top of the eyelids (common in males).


If caused by botox, usually this will resolve over time and no surgery is needed.


The treatment of a droopy eyelid will depend on the cause and extent of the problem. The key is in the analysis and diagnosis. This requires the expertise of an experienced plastic surgeon. The first step is to have a full examination to determine the nature of the problem and the best options for you. Remember that second opinions are always a good idea in these situations. Treatment of your eyes requires careful consideration and you need to find someone you are comfortable with.


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Dr Naveen Somia MBBS, PhD, FRACS

Written by Dr Naveen Somia MBBS, PhD, FRACS

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