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Tummy Tuck Health Benefits

21 Mar

Did you know the health benefits of tummy tuck surgery (Abdominoplasty) extend beyond the aesthetic? Plastic surgeons from Germany and Greece published their study on Abdominoplasty in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal 2012.

The plastic surgeons assessed a number of patients after their tummy tuck operations using well established comprehensive questionnaires. They were also assessed with a standardised self-assessment on their level of satisfaction with the procedure and their subsequent quality of life.

In case you are interested, the following psychometric questionnaires were referenced in the study: the Rosenberg Self -Esteem Questionnaire and the Freiburg Personality Inventory.

Patients reported that following their tummy tuck procedure, their quality of life improved, particularly family life, living conditions, mobility, and a greater sense of independence. Self-esteem and emotional stability also improved significantly.

Over 84% of the patients in the study were very satisfied with the cosmetic results. 93.4% revealed that they would undergo a tummy tuck again, and 88.9% stated that they would recommend the tummy tuck operation.

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Dr Naveen Somia MBBS, PhD, FRACS

Written by Dr Naveen Somia MBBS, PhD, FRACS

Dr. Naveen Somia is a Sydney Plastic Surgeon who listens to his patients, understands their problems and works alongside them to help achieve their aesthetic goals by applying his skills and years of experience in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. A published author on Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Naveen’s blog is aimed at helping you make the right choices and stay safe in your quest to look your personal best.