Eyelid Assessment

Get a quick assessment done before you come into the office for an appointment

  • Save time 
  • Convenient for Patient and Doctor
  • Suitable Service during lockdown periods
  • Ask Questions before Face-To-Face Appointment

Find Out If You A Suitable Candidate

Dr Naveen Somia has more than 14 Years surgical experience specialising in eyelids, and has conducted thousands of assessments and consultations.

As a result, Dr Somia can quickly recognise via visual assessment if you are a suitable candidate for eyelid surgery.

A threshold eyelid assessment can save everyone time and money before a visit to our clinic.

Naveen - Eye Assessment Video

Photo Requirements

  • We only need the eye region
  • 1 x Photo of Eyes Open
  • 1 x Photo of Eyes Closed


See sample photos below




Save Time

Get an initial assessment quickly