Gynaecomastia also know as Man Boobs is the excessive development of breast tissue in a male. It commonly affects both breasts but can affect one breast more than the other. Gynaecomastia is thought to result from excess stimulation of breast tissue by oestrogen (the female hormone). In a small group of cases there is an underlying medical cause for Gynaecomastia, that needs to be addressed by a referral to an Endocrinologist for additional tests.
Surgical treatment of Gynaecomastia in Sydney by Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Naveen Somia. 
Surgical treatment is aimed at remove the excess breast tissue followed by liposuction to improve the contour and blend it with the surrounding chest.
Usually a small incision (cut) is made to remove the breast tissue. Dr Somia, uses advanced liposuction technologies such as VASER and Body Jet ( Water Assisted Liposuction) to sculpt the chest for best results. This procedure can assist patients to achieve a superior aesthetic result which enhances self-esteem and lifestyle. Patients report increased participation in sports and swimming, outdoor activities and spending time on the beach, wearing clothes that they like especially tight shirts and T Shirts that no longer reveal the man boobs.


Increased and prominent breast tissue
Excess fat deposition and loss of contours

Patients are self conscious 



VASER or BODY JET liposuction
Excision of breast tissue with a mini scar


Removal of Man Boobs
Improved contour

Chiselled Chest

Consultation With Dr Somia

Exclude medical causes
Assess amount of glandular tissue and fat
Assess skin excess

Select the right liposuction technology


Precision surgical Sculpting

Vaser Lipo + surgery
Removal of breast and fat tissue
2 hour day surgery procedure

Need to wear compression garment of 12 weeks


Greater confidence
More self-esteem
Improved lifestyle

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