Breast Reduction in Sydney by Plastic Surgeon Dr Naveen Somia.

A breast reduction operation reduces the size of large breasts, improves the breast shape as well as elevating and repositioning the nipple to its normal location, creating a smaller perky breast that is aesthetically pleasing.

Patients report relief from neck, back and shoulder pain and skin rashes. Because of the new-found freedom from pain and discomfort many patients can now participate in an invigorating health and fitness regime that continues to optimise health.


Large and heavy breasts
Disproportional breasts
Neck, shoulder and back pain
Rashes under the breast fold
Bra strap indents the skin


Breast reduction PLUS Breast Lift
Reduce the size of the breast
Improve the shape to make it perky
Reduce the size of the Areola 
Lift the nipple to make the breast look aesthetic


Pain relief
Enhanced lifestyle
Improved confidence
Get rid of skin rashes and infection
Easier to find the right size of bra and clothes

All surgery carries risk.   A second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner is recommended before proceeding

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