What are Dark circles

Dark circles refer to the increased pigmentation around the eyes that could be due to genetics, underlying medical conditions, lifestyle issue or ageing.

What is Periorbital Hyperpigmentation

Refers to increased dark pigmentation of the eyelid skin due to an underlying genetic predisposition that increases production of the melanin pigment. This feature runs in families.


What causes dark circles

Dark circles are due to a number of causes and often the effects are additive.

Genetics plays a major role and some people are born with dark circles. In addition, medical conditions such as hay fever, repeated allergies or sinus problems can cause dark circles due to the chronic inflammation. Lifestyle issues such as fatigue, loss of sleep, lack of nutrition can contribute to the appearance of dark circles. As you get older, dark circles are more noticeable with age as the skin thins and there is loss of volume around the under-eye area


Can dark circles be cured

Unfortunately, there is no cure for dark circles, certainly no miracle cure. There no one single treatment that works like a magic bullet, instead you can control the appearance of dark circle using a combination of treatments and make it look less prominent.


Can Dark circles and eyebags co-exist

Yes, dark circles and eyebags frequently co-exist because the loss of volume in the under-eye area with ageing make both dark circles and eyebags more noticeable.


Can lack of sleep cause dark circles

Yes, lack of sleep and fatigue can cause dark circles


What foods highlights the appearance of dark circles?

A diet rich in salt can cause fluid retention and cause puffy looking eyes. This can exaggerate the appearance of dark circles and make them look prominent due to the distortion of natural contours and the result in increased shadowing.


Does excess sun exposure increases the appearance of dark circles

Yes, eyebags are permanent and they gradually get bigger and more prominent with age. It is very common to see uneven or asymmetric eye bags between the two sides.


Why do people want dark circles treated?

Since eyebags alter facial appearance and makes you look older, people interpret the eyebags as a sign of old age, that is very concerning for many people. Eyebags in younger people often leads to negative social comments such as ‘you look tired’, ‘haven’t you been sleeping well’, “have you been up all night”.


Under eye creams for dark circles

Under eye or eye bag creams help to maintain general skin health. 

Combining a prescription only medical grade skin care range would help the overall texture and appearance of skin.

I am not aware of any one cream that has any particular advantages over another with regard to pigmentation improvement.  Dark under eyes or dark circles are partly caused due to the loss in volume that occurs with ageing. Using Dermal Fillers to restore lost volume is a logical first step and integrating a medical grade skin care regime can be a very effective solution for you. 


Home remedies for dark circles

The internet is full of home remedies for eyebags and dark circles ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. While some home remedies may work in certain young people it is unlikely to work for everyone. Here are some of the home remedies for treating dark circles. Cold compress, cucumbers, tea bags, cold tea bags, rose water, cucumber and lemon juice, potatoes, cold milk, orange juice, Vit E oil, coconut oil, turmeric, eye massage, regular use of skin moisturizer and sunblock, and advanced skin care


Are there any new procedures for dark circles?

Using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to help build up collagen in the eyelid delicate skin can help reduce the static wrinkles.  

Nano fat injections to the under eye dark circles can help lighten the pigmentary changes of the eyelid.

Integrating a prescription only medical grade skin care regime would help the overall skin health, improve appearance of skin and help maintain the results.


How does age of the patient influence choice of treatment? 

Is the solution to treat dark circles and eyebags the same in a 25 year old and a 55 year old?

Dark under eye circles can and eyebags make you look tired and older than you are. Dark circles are partly caused due to the loss in volume that occurs with ageing. If the dark circles are preexisting, they become more noticeable with ageing.

with advancing If dark circles and eyebags coexist, they could be treated simultaneously and supplemented with an integrated skin care program.

Options to treat dark circles at age 25.

At 25, it is reasonable to consider non-surgical treatment such as dermal fillers to camouflage the hollows and reduce the appearance of dark circles and RF needling to tighten skin. Using Dermal Fillers to restore lost volume is a logical first step that is an effective solution in a 25 year old with dark circles. Integrating a prescription only medical grade skin care regime like SkinCeuticals would help the overall skin health, improve appearance of skin and help prolong the results.


Options to treat dark circles at age 55.

Generally speaking, at 55 you may have loose skin, eyebags, tear trough deformity in addition to the dark circles. So, the dark circle treatment options that are effective for a 25 year old will have no effect. It is important to consider a comprehensive plan that can effectively address many of the structural changes that have occurred in the eye due to ageing. This can be a combination of surgery and non-surgical options supplemented with a medical grade skin care regime to maintain skin health and prolong the results.


Summary for treating eyelid dark circles


Identify the cause 

  • Are your eyelid dark circles caused by 
  • hereditary periorbital hyperpigmentation
  • An underlying medical condition like allergy, sinus issues or sleep issues.
  • Volume loss due to age 
  • Lifestyle issues 


Treat the cause

  • Underlying medical conditions like allergies, sleep issues and sinus issue 


Prevention and lifestyle options

  • Nutritious Food
  • Avoiding processed food, salt and sugar
  • Avoiding smoking and limiting alcohol


Protection using skin care 

  • Sun Protection
  • Hyaluronic Acid based skin moisturizer
  • Advanced prescription grade skin care containing Vit A, Vit C and Niacinamide


Treat using Advanced surgical options

  • Dermal filler volumizing
  • Radio frequency skin tightening and reduction of eyebags
  • Platelet Rich Plasma injections
  • Nano Fat transfer for dark circles

All surgery carries risk.   A second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner is recommended before proceeding

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