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28 May

Signs of eyelid ageing

As you age you may notice a wrinkle here or a wrinkle there however did you know the eye area demonstrates ageing in 3 key ways?  Medical, Visual and Practical. This blog will help you identify eyelid ageing and find out more about what you can do about it.  

07 May

Faster Healing Tips For Cosmetic & Plastic SurgerySurgery

For many people the deciding factor on whether to have cosmetic surgery is the recovery period.  One of the most common questions we receive is how long will it take to get back to my routine.  The following tips will assist with the healing process to get back into your normal routine as soon as possible.

07 Sep

Evaluating Eyelid Surgery - Which Option Is Right For Me?


13 Jul

Eyelid Surgery Sydney: What is Chemosis and how to treat it

Chemosis is a condition that can occur after a patient has had any type of eyelid surgery. Click on the SlideShare to learn more about chemosis and how it can be treated.

15 Jun

Top 11 Eyelid Surgery Questions Answered By Dr Naveen Somia

In this blog I've created a SlideShare with my answers to the top questions I get asked by people thinking about having eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. Questions like, when is the surgery covered by Medicare or private health funds, where to start researching treatment options, how to find the right plastic surgeon, how much time off work will you need post surgery, what results to expect after the surgery, do you need to spend the night in hospital and more. View the SlideShare to see all the questions and answers. If you have any further queries on eyelid surgery, please feel free to reach out to me.

08 Jun

What To Do If Tiny Bumps Form After Eyelid Surgery

Sometimes tiny bumps the size of a grain of rice can form at the incision sites after eyelid surgery. Rest assured this is common and they can be treated. There are different reasons why these bumps form which means there are different methods of treatment. The SlideShare in this blog will take you through the different types of lumps and what can be done to get rid of them.